Undergraduate Dissertation: Choosing A Topic And Writing An Outline

To write an impressive dissertation, the first step is to find a suitable topic. You also need to present an outline of your dissertation before you start working on it. The outline is important for your faculty approval and also for your better understanding of the topic. You can employ professional writing service for hire, but while they can write your dissertation, these steps have to be largely initiated by you. If you are intimidated by this first steps, then here are some practical and simple points to help you out to get a great dissertation review.

Selecting your topic

  1. Think about a topic which is interesting to you.
  2. If you choose a topic which interests you, it will have a positive effect on your writing the project on the whole. If you are given a topic, then you can choose an aspect of the topic which you find interesting.

  3. Think about a topic you know about
  4. Your knowledge and experiences can make the paper more readable. Your knowledge would also result in less time in research and writing.

  5. Think about the practical aspects while selecting –
    1. The time at hand.
    2. How relevant in the topic?
    3. How research able is the topic is terms of scope and resources?
  6. Go through published articles, other works on the subject and look for missing information or untouched areas. Research further on these and brainstorm to get an original topic.
    1. Form something unique and original, but keep it simple. An obscure topic for the sake of originality might put off the reader.
    2. Have a point of view as it would interest your readers.
    3. Select a topic which satisfies your Institute and faculty requirements.

Outlining your dissertation
While forming the outline of your dissertation, try to answer these questions. Answers to these questions will help you easily outline your dissertation.

  1. What is the purpose of this dissertation?
  2. Who is this dissertation targeted at?
  3. If your paper is for other research scholars then it has to be researched and written accordingly and will definitely differ from an audience comprising of high school students.

  4. What is the research statement of the dissertation?
  5. Try to from your topic or research question here. It will need to state your paper in a sentence.

Writing your outline
Generally there are three types of presentation of a dissertation outline –

  1. Alphanumeric – This is the most common type of formatting. This style uses Roman numerals, Capital letters, Arabic numerals and lowercase letters in successive order to present your headings, sub-headings and points.
  2. Full Sentence – In this style full sentences are required at each level of the outline.
  3. Decimal – This is similar to the alphanumeric with an added decimal notation, which easily relates each point the whole outline.

You can opt for professional dissertation help to write your outline. Make sure that they are conversant with writing an outline on your subject, purpose and format. The web is teeming with best dissertation writing services, but you need to select carefully to find the best dissertation writing service for your need.

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