Sections You Must Include In Your PhD Dissertation

Your PhD dissertation reflects your independent and original thinking and research on the subject. Go through your Institute guidelines on formatting and styles before you start writing. If you want to employ a professional dissertation writing service like Thesis Helpers or a dissertation writing help for your paper, then ensure that they have experience in writing in the prescribed format. The details will vary according to your subject and paper but here is a general guideline for structuring for both postgraduate and undergraduate dissertation.

The format and style of the title page will depend mostly on the format. Generally, the main points in a title page are:

  1. Name of the student and identification.
  2. Name of the course, department and year.
  3. Name of the mentor and the date of submission.
  4. The topic of the dissertation.

This is a brief summary of your dissertation. The purpose of this segment is to inform the readers about the highlights of the dissertation. A good abstract also arouses the reader’s interest. Do not exceed the word limit of the Abstract and it will be effective if you write the abstract at the end – after you have completed writing the dissertation.

This section will introduce your topic. It should clearly explain the purpose of the research, the context and relevance of the topic and also the methods you are going to follow to make your point. It might help if you write this chapter after writing the other sections. You might also consider on a great starting line to introduce your topic – it might be a statistical fact, a quote, a recent incident or even a relevant quote.

Methodology & Research
This section explains the type of data required to prove your point, the method used to gather that data and the rationale behind selecting that method. If your research requires empirical data, then this is the section where you set forth to present your findings to prove your point. If your dissertation is more on the theoretical aspects of a subject then instead of this section, you might have to write a ‘Literature review’ section. In this section you should:

  1. Be explicit and precise in presenting your research findings.
  2. Use statistical tools and other methods to present or illustrate your data.
  3. Cite properly other works and references.

You can split this section into result and conclusion to suit your requirements. If you are adding a result section then you need to accurately prove how your research data has proven your point. The conclusion section can be devoted to summarizing your arguments and also to point at newer areas of research. If there are some shortcomings in your findings, then this is where you point it out. Do not introduce any new data in this chapter.

Apart from in-text citing in your dissertation, this section is where you acknowledge all the references you have used. This section is also known as ‘index’.

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