10 Fascinating Topics For A Dissertation In British History

The first step you take towards completing your dissertation is when you fix your topic. This might seem trivial but your topic and the research question will direct your research and shape the paper. This is more evident in a subject like history. Finding a topic shouldn’t be too difficult either if you follow certain simple steps.

  1. Select a topic which interests you. Your interest in the topic will attract more attention and concentration from you and eventually you can achieve the best dissertation paper. You also should make the topic interesting to your guide.
  2. Select a topic which you know about or have experienced. Your experience or knowledge will make it easier to gather data and provide the edge over other dissertations.
  3. Select a topic which is relevant and topical.
  4. Select a topic which has ample scope of research and resources.
  5. Select a topic which adheres to your Institute guidelines.

You can choose to write your paper or commission it to a dissertation help service, but you have to select your topic by yourself. Professional dissertation writers are not always capable of suggesting the topic, as they are not aware of the parameters or requirements of your Institute.

To help you get an idea on interesting dissertation topics on history, here are some outstanding topic ideas on British History brought to you by awesome writers from WritingJobz.com

  1. A history of arts, crafts and commerce in the medieval England.
  2. The three phases of the hundred year’s war.
  3. Britain –before and after the Romans.
    The cause and effects of the seven years war.
  4. Love during the time of Queen Victoria – a study of class, gender and sexuality.
  5. ‘Black death’ – the cause, spread and effect of the bubonic plague in rural and urban England.
  6. The great political reform act starting with 1832 and its effects on common man.
  7. The interesting life of Mary, Queen of Scots.
  8. Transformation of the medical practice in Britain over the ages.
  9. “The empire on which the sun never sets” – a detailed evolution of the British Empire in the 19th and the 20th century.

After you have selected a topic the next step is to present a dissertation proposal. The purpose of a dissertation proposal is to provide a glimpse of your complete paper. This is important to get valuable feedback and accordingly modify so that the final paper is flawless.

Essential elements of a decent proposal may include –

  1. Title
  2. Introduction
  3. Objectives
  4. Methodology section
  5. Literature review
  6. Scope and constraints
  7. Sources
  8. Outline of chapters
  9. Timetable
  10. References

If you find it arduous to write a dissertation proposal, then you can seek professional dissertation help. They provide a hassle free solution where your complete proposal is delivered to you for a fee. There are numerous dissertation proposal writing service on the web but you really have to spend time to select the best from them. Weigh your requirements against their charges and offers to make your selection. If you are keen on professional writers, search and select early to avoid confusion.

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