MBA Dissertation: a Manual Providing 10 Answers To Your Questions

It is natural that you would like your MBA dissertation to be outstanding in all respects. It is also natural that you might be tensed about the whole process. Dissertation writing can be easy if you shake off your apprehensions and follow certain steps. Here are some useful answers about all you need to write a dissertation effortlessly. Also, if you’re struggling with your homework, try using homework help service MyHomeworkDone.

How do I go about it?
Your dissertation is a task with a deadline so treat it like a project and make a plan for the process.

  1. List all the important tasks.
  2. Calculate the time you have in hand and schedule them according to importance.
  3. Use organizational charts or planners to help you get organized.

How to select a topic?
Selecting the topic and getting it approved is the first step towards completing your dissertation

  1. Select a broad topic according to your interest or knowledge.
  2. Do a preliminary research on the subject to find out more in terms of relevance of the subject and available resources on the subject.

How to form the research question ?
Brainstorm on the broad subject and find out more on them.

  1. Go through other works on the subject and try to find out missing areas.
  2. Get an original and unique point of view but and the same time don’t go for anything too obscure just to be different.
  3. Consult with your guide for approval.

How do I go about my research?
You have to find out the most suitable research method to prove your point.

  1. Identify your sources and list all places where you will find them.
  2. Record the relevant sources with all details.
  3. If you require field research then plan accordingly considering travel, data collection method and contingency.

How to structure the paper?
Structure your paper according to the Institute guidelines. If there are no stipulations, you can –

  1. Organize all the supportive arguments and proof for your point to use as the foundation of the paper.
  2. Go through other papers and select the best structure to present your point.
  3. Form an outline and get it approved from your faculty.

When to start writing?
Start writing early. If you wait for your research to get over, you might have too little time left.

  1. Write clearly in a simple and easy language.
  2. Stick to your research question throughout.
  3. Write the abstract and introduction after other sections.
  4. Present your data and results clearly and precisely.

Can I improve my writing?
There are several resources available on the web to improve all aspects of your writing. In addition you can also go through the writing resources offered by several Institutes.

Do I edit after research?
You should edit as you write even if it means throwing away most of your writing.

  1. Follow the Institute format strictly.
  2. Correct inconsistencies in information and between chapters.
  3. Use standard software to remove common errors.
  4. Consider specialized software to improve the readability of you paper.

This seems too hectic!
Take care of yourself. Make a daily routine with time for relaxation. It is important to develop a regular sleeping and eating pattern for this period.

Can I employ professional dissertation writers
There are numerous dissertation help online, but finding the right one for you will require extensive searching and selection. You should start your search early and confirm your custom dissertation writing service. A last minute search might result in panic and bad decisions.

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