Boost Your Writing Skills Before Crafting An MBA Dissertation

Dissertation writing can be a daunting, tedious and time consuming task especially if you are writing for the first time. The numerous professional dissertation services on the web might seem a hassle free solution to your worries but to get the best out of them you have to select the custom dissertation writing service, perfect for your need. There also are several writing help and resources available on the web if you want to write your paper yourself. They are aimed specifically to boost the writing skills and equip students with ways, methods and knowhow so that they can write custom college papers effortlessly. Some of the outstanding exercises which you should try include:

Planning exercises
Proper planning is essential for the successful completion of any project, including your dissertation. These exercises include –

  1. Choosing an appropriate thesis topic.
  2. Forming a research statement.
  3. Evaluation of the research statement in terms of research ability, target audience and acceptance of the topic.
  4. Time management exercises.

Research and methods
Researching for your dissertation is a layered progression. Some basic exercises which will help you to undertake this stage better include –

  1. Exercises on evaluating your sources and other resources.
  2. Distinguishing between the primary and secondary sources.
  3. Conducting a proper sample search.
  4. Understanding qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods of survey.
  5. Exercises on interview techniques.
  6. Evaluating the efficacy of your research method.
  7. Using statistical tools and other methods of presentation.

Writing skills
This is the most feared part of the dissertation process. It will help you if you see writing the paper as an integral part of your dissertation and not as a stand-alone task to be undertaken after the research or data gathering. You should start writing from the first day. There are several exercises available on the net and you will definitely benefit from –

  1. Understanding and using language.
  2. Vocabulary building exercises.
  3. Incorporating logic in an argument.
  4. Exercises on basic grammar – using noun and verb.
  5. Exercises on using basic punctuation.
  6. Writing exercises for abstracts and conclusion.
  7. Writing exercises for effective introduction.
  8. Writing exercises for improving your technical writing.
  9. Exercises on improving the readability of your write.
  10. Format specific exercises on citation and reference management.

Editing & proofreading
Editing is an essential part of writing. It helps to provide a proper and final shape to your paper and so it is important that you edit regularly what you write. Useful exercises on editing comprise of –

  1. Exercises on sample editing – both basic and advanced.
  2. Exercises to correct common sentence and language errors.
  3. Exercises on basic and advanced proofreading.
  4. Editing exercises to enhance readability.
  5. Exercises on creating a proper bibliography or indexing.

You can get different exercises covering all aspects of writing a research. You can go for specific weak areas or comprehensive exercises as they will improve your writing skills. If you are buying dissertations online, then you should be very discriminating about the service you select. To find the best dissertation service for you check the ability of the service and its offers carefully before you commission your paper to them.

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